Copper Cobalt Alloy Combines The Advantages Of Both Metals

Copper Cobalt Alloy Combines The Advantages Of Both Metals

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Cobalt Chromium Alloy in the detection of tungsten-copper alloy hardness, its shape and size of the specimen adaptability is relatively strong, and the test efficiency is relatively high, the most important is the hardness and other physical properties of tungsten-copper alloy there is a correspondence relationship. When we carry out tungsten-copper alloy, but also to detect the ability of the metal to resist plastic deformation, this test from a certain point of view there are some commonalities, so the test results for the tungsten-copper alloy, we can compare with each other.

Copper tungsten alloy material is a kind of metal composite material, which is called tungsten-copper alloy because its name suggests is that it is made of two materials, tungsten and copper, and the composite material can also be widely used in many Industry, so today we take a look at what areas in our country can be frequently used tungsten-copper alloy it?

First of all, this composite material combines the advantages of two metal products, copper and tungsten. If one can first understand the advantages of tungsten and copper, one can still know a little about tungsten and copper alloys.

Copper tungsten alloy can be high temperature, density is also great, thermal conductivity and conductivity is moderate, the intensity is also high, so this performance is doomed tungsten-copper alloy can be used in many areas. For example, it can be used in aerospace as a missile air rudder, nozzle, gas rudder, which is the use of tungsten-copper alloy high temperature performance.

Copper tungsten alloy is widely used in high voltage switch 128kV SF6 circuit breaker WCu / CuCr, as well as high voltage vacuum load switch and arrester. The high voltage vacuum switch is small in size and easy to maintain. It is widely used in humid, flammable, explosive and corrosion Use of the environment.

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